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Malaus ka kaluguran means your welcome my friend or in tagalog tuloy ka kaibigan.
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Istorya ng raffy is a popular kapampangan song by Totoy bato in english Story of Raffy or in tagalog Kwento ni raffy.
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Lugud means love or in tagalog pagmamahal.
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Masanting means handsome or in tagalog pogi. Smiley face
Malagu means beautiful or in tagalog maganda.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Nanung lagyu mu?/ Ing lagyu ku jose

Kapampangan: Nanung lagyu mu?
English: What is your name?
Tagalog: Anong Pangalang mo?

Kapampangan: Ing lagyu ku jose
English: My name is jose
Tagalog: Ang pangalan ko ay jose


Kapampangan: Danum
English: Water

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mayap a gatpanapun

Mayap a gatpanapun is a kapampangan greeting means good afternoon or 
in tagalog magandang hapon.

Good Mayap Maganda, Gatpanapun Afternoon Hapon

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